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Lipo-Light of Chicago

Advanced Body Sculpting Technology

LED Light Therapy

Lipo Light is safer than liposuction and lipo laser treatments (ilipo and Verona), and will help you trim the fat.  Lipo Light is the latest in body sculpting and contouring science.

"See for yourself: Lipo-Light gets results!"

Lipo Light is the only technology that has two spectrums of light that eliminate fat and tighten the skin.  Zerona Ultraslim and other laser and laser-like fat treatments cannot deliver these results. Men get great results sculpting the abdominals and reducing 'man boobs' with Lipo Light.  Neither I-lipo nor Zerona can tighten the skin and safely remove the fat as well as Lipo-Light.

Slim, Shape, Tone!

As you can see, results from Lipo-Light can be quite dramatic! This advanced technology allows you to choose the areas to sculpt and tone.

Lipo-Light Therapy helps people reach their body contouring and sculpting goals faster and with less effort than ever before!

Best of all, Red LED Lipo-Light Therapy doesn't have any of the side effects, potential complications or downtime of liposuction!


"Being a full-time model, I have to keep in shape and watch what I eat, so diet and exercise are an important part of my daily routine. Even so, I have stubborn areas which no matter how intensive my routine is I would like to firm up. Lipo-Light now does that for me. Before a shoot, Lipo-Light treatments have my body looking great for the camera."
-Jane, Model

"Like many women I suffer from a slow metabolism. While I exercise on a regular basis and follow a healthy diet, it's sometimes frustrating that my efforts are slowly rewarded. Lipo-Light has helped to reduce my fluid retention and that's the holy grail for all women - how to lose inches from hips, waist and tummy, when trying to get into that little black dress."
-Nicola, Stay-At-Home Mom